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Matt McGuinness


Creative Director

Matt is the Creative Director at Furthest from the Sea and is the original driving force behind the organisation.  Matt’s vision is to see people and places transformed by individuals, businesses, educators and community organisations coming together through participation in artistic activity - starting with, but by no means limited to, Derbyshire.  As a writer and musician Matt is working on a major project “We Are What We Overcome” addressing mental health through performance, music, online engagement and a book.

Eileen Wright.jpg



With a background which includes a Chemistry degree and a PhD in Sustainable Engineering, Eileen brings a methodical approach to the development of the organisation’s operations and growth. Eileen also loves music, theatre, poetry and books and thinks everyone should have the chance to find out if they might love them too.  Much of Eileen’s role at Furthest from the Sea involves working out ways to make this happen – by writing funding applications and supporting planning and promotion of activities.

David Chabeaux - web.jpg



David has been a supporter of Furthest from the Sea since its inception.  A gifted musician and actor, David works in television and film, and has been the lead artist on several original music projects. In his role as a Creative Advisor, David works with blue chip companies to provide practical support on issues including innovation, influence and change.

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