• Eileen Wright

New space. New blog. Same old passion.

We’re in a new space. Our space.

The lease is signed, sealed and delivered. The first chunk of rent is paid. And we’re working through the web of activity associated with taking up residence.

Utilities contracts.

Insurance details.

Addresses registered with the Butcher, the Baker and the Bank.

We’ve a glut of mannequins (waifs and strays collected over the years - the population has finally outgrown the finite borders of our storage space) and some odds and ends of kit which need sorted and sifted and rehomed.

We’ve got boxes of bits (gaffer tape meets top hat meets undelivered flyer from that event three years ago). And drawers of paper (where DID all the paper come from??).

But we’ve also got exhibition boards on the ground floor walls. Cut and hung and painted white, we’re all set for our gallery space to open as we host three artists’ work as part of FORMAT International Photography Festival in March.

We’ve got an office. With whiteboards on which to straighten out and take hold of our plans for today, tomorrow and the rest of our lives. And a kettle to fuel the team of staff and volunteers who’re in and out throughout the week.

But we don’t sit still for long.

This is no armchair-by-the-fire, feet-up-and-have-a-snooze phase of life. We’re out-and-about people and our out-and-about nature runs deeper than a new address.

We’re taking to the streets in May to bring Little Ed back for its second year. A fringe-style festival, with buskers and brand-new shows and businesses hosting pop-up performances throughout Derby’s Cathedral Quarter.

And there’s the Furthest from the Sea Festival in June. The pirates are poised to takeover the Market Place, serenaded by the very best of homegrown artists, some of whom will join us over the summer and into the autumn as we venture further afield to host stages at music festivals and fringe festivals and comedy festivals around the country.

And then there will be Derby Folk Festival Fringe – a stalwart fixture in our annual calendar. And some top-secret plans developing for the end of the year…

But it’s good to have a home.

Number 1 The Strand Arcade. It’s ours - until we outgrow it, or decide to move on. But for 22 more months (who’s counting?) we’re here to stay.

Swing by and say hello.

Come with ideas flowing and sleeves rolled up.

Help yourself to a mannequin as you leave.

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